The security of a dealership’s vehicles is a priority. At Pureclean, we have created and implemented a unique system – Valet Manager – to ensure maximum security and protection for all vehicles on our sites.

This system ensures that only an authorised team member can access the keys to an assigned vehicle through fingerprint recognition technology.

It also keeps thorough records to document our process, from the dealership’s initial valet order to the job’s completion.

Valet Manager is a revolutionary system we have used over our years of operation, helping us to maximise our security, and build our reputation for offering a reliable and first-class service.

How does Valet Manager work?

We have a simple, easy and effective way we put cars on our system. Firstly, the dealership creates a new valet order with a description of the vehicle, including the make, model, registration plate, etc.

Details of what type of clean the vehicle needs and any extras – for example paint protection, vehicle scratch removal, de-stickering the vehicle – are then logged.

Once this information has been uploaded to Valet Manager, a Pureclean valeter will receive all details and requirements to carry out the job. The system operates a traffic light system to indicate the progress of work. Once complete, the ‘traffic light’ will move to green, and an invoice will be automatically generated to the dealership.